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PHP Developer

On Time, On Budget

What makes us unique ?

24-7 phone support.

Never go to voicemail again. Our customer service department is open 24 Hours a day. Enjoy the convenience of having access to your team at all times and hours.

Dedicated U.S. Project manager.

Having a dedicated project manager means when you have questions or want updates you can speak to someone who is intimately involved with your project and understands every detail.


All contracts signed and under US jurisdiction.

Many of our competitors have a U.S. address but are not bound by U.S. laws. If you ever find that there is a problem you have no recourse. All of our contracts are signed and arbitrated in North Carolina where our Head Quarters is.

Goto meeting and Face to face consultations.

Are you the type of business owner who likes face to face meetings. We utilize Goto meetings for all conferences. We can also visit your office on special request for a sit down and planning sessions on long term projects.

All code developed on customer’s server in the US.

The ugly side to this business is developers that steal your work. We will provide you the comfort of knowing that all work is done on your own server. You remain in control of all assets at all times.


4 CV to choose from for full time and part time.

Working with your developer does not have to be a mystery. Take a look at the resumes of the individuals that you will be working with. Choose the developer that best fits your needs.

SkillS and KEY Strengths


5+ years of experience in the domain

Education Level

Bachelor in Fine Arts or, Masters in Fine Arts Or, Any equivalent degree.


Can Read, Write and Speak English fluently

Communication Mode

EMail, Skype, Google Hangout or any other medium preferred

Working Days

Monday to Friday

Technical Skills

  • Complete understanding of PHP5 object model, MVC and OOP’s
  • Experience building large scale systems
  • Expertise in Database Design and SQL queries
  • Expert in Web service development and Handling JASON/ XML
  • Skilled in HTML5, XML, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL 5.X, MS Sql etc.

Key Strengths

  • Creating smarter end-to-end web Application and Websites
  • Relies on extensive experience in planning and delivering jobs
  • Develop, Modify, Write and Implement PHP based applications
  • Developing Websites, Web Applications, Ecommerce, CMS etc

Available Plans for Hiring PHP Developer

Are you looking for flat rate pricing? Get a free quote.