Developers to hire | JavaScript Developer
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JavaScript Developer

SkillS and KEY Strengths


5+ years of experience in the domain

Education Level

Bachelor in Fine Arts or, Masters in Fine Arts Or, Any equivalent degree.


Can Read, Write and Speak English fluently

Communication Mode

EMail, Skype, Google Hangout or any other medium preferred

Working Days

Monday to Friday

Technical Skills

  • Expert in Custom JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 API’s
  • Expert in standalone applications (backbone, Node, angular etc)
  • Database experience & Handling Webservices using JASON and XML
  • Experience in optimizing web applications performance for mobile

Key Strengths

  • Creating smarter end-to-end web Application
  • Create intuitive, robust, and reusable user interface
  • Working with native app wrappers such as Phonegap
  • Handling web services for Web/Mobile Applications
  • Building Custom Applications, Graphs, Editor etc

Available Plans for Hiring JavaScript Developer

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