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Curriculum Vitae Tips

Curriculum Vitae Tips

When you write your Curriculum Vitae try not to put on the evidence your weak points. You have to say the truth but remember: not telling something doesn’t mean lie. So just stress more on the point you are doing better: if you got a not so high grade don’t write it and if you got the best grade just write it so that everyone will read it.

Tips for your Curriculum Vitae

Are you a creative person? If you work with computer, you are a designer or a webmaster developping website, probably you can write a CV in html that you can use as a business card to show what you can do: working on a nice CV template you can show your capabilities. But don’t be too creative: this is still your curriculum vitae.

When you put on the CV all your information, professional experiences and studies everything seems to be perfect but it’s not. Now you need to read it and readi it again and again. Clean it, hide your weak points andunderline your strong points.

Small Tips

Use the bold style. People reading your cv will take attention to the words you are stressing. Your Curriculum Vitae will be read in 30seconds maximum, you have to make it so that the examinator will read only the part you need to convince them to call you back for a job-interview. They won’t read all of it. So…you have to be sure that they will read at least what is the best you have to offer.

Write in first person, I am, I like, I live…
And check that all the text are readeble and colloquial. People reading they should find any problem, text that is not clear, they should try to think about question like “why it took so long to finnish the university…) so everything should be really clear from the beginning. Reading from the top to the bottom as water falling…no obstacle. And even worst…try to avoid any kind of ortographic or typing mistakes.

CV file name
Use your first name and last name. MyName_LastName-curriculumvitae.html. You should name your CV something like cv.doc, curriculumvitae.doc, curriculum_vitae.doc. You will be just one between many others with same name.

What font should I use? 
Use Verdana or Times New Roman. Verdana is the one you can better read on the screen and Times is most usefull if you are planning to print the curriculum. Don’t use bizare font just to be creative. They are difficult to read and they will go streight to the trash.

Which Template should I use?
On our site you will find soon lot of personalized styles that you can use with your Curriculum Vitae. Correct all the mistakes: cv smaple doesn’t mean anything. Write and check what you wrote before sending it

CV Rules

  • Doesn’t matter which road you choose. Important is to arrive till the end.
  • Be prepared for a local crisis
  • There’s people outside. Let them recognize you
  • Became essential. If not possibile, then try to be useful, needed
  • Be unfoundable, but reachable Be Informal, but respect
  • Be Syntetic, but with sosance Be modern, not mode
  • Be updated
  • Condider yourself an investiment
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